Name: Jan McWorter

Marital Status : Married

Children: Ryan, 6. Jacob, 22

Pets: Dog, Andy

Birthdate: October 25

Birthplace: Waukegan, IL

Current Home : Ventura, CA

Nickname: Hollywood

Turned Pro : 1993

2000 Ranking : 32

Person I Most Admire: Jerry Mc Worter

Other Favorite Sport: Tennis

Favorite Athlete : Lou Gehrig

Favorite Movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Favorite Music: Natalie Merchant

Favorite Book : The Bible

Hobbies: Writing, Singing, Traveling

Sponsors: McWorter Cues


Jan was introduced to pool at the age of nine. She was baby-sitting her niece and nephew and a pool table was in the basement. She never knew where the kids were, but she knew she like to play pool. She didn't play pool again until she was 19 years old, where she played socially with friends. She met a man in the game room she frequented, who asked her out on a date. He was a friend of a friend, so she went. They began dating, and he took her to many poolrooms in many different areas.

She began traveling across the country watching her boyfriend compete in pool matches, and unknowingly learning more and more about the game.

In 1984, while watching her boyfriend play pool in Las Vegas, Jan got bored and went to a table to play by herself. After cajoling her boyfriend for some help, he set up a couple of shots and she executed them perfectly. The next day he set up a money game for her. She won $160 in about an hour and a half and he was a believer.

In 1985, she entered in her first competitive event, the "Miller Lite World Series of Pool". She placed 9th out of 756 amateur women players. In 1986, she played in her first professional even, the "California Mixed 9-Ball Open", where she finished 17th. However, Jan was really tired of her life on the road and the lifestyle she was living. Jan confided that in a convention with Robin Bell (Dodson). The next day Robin gave her a bible and invited her to church.

In 1987, Jan moved in with Robin and her family and quit playing pool. She became a born again Christian and started going to bible studies. Her life was changed.

With a new heart and attitude, she returned to the game two and a half years later. She participated in local ladies events and won many. She continued playing on a regional level until she was approached by the owner of a prestigious club in Hollywood, and offered sponsorship. She became the house pro for the "Hollywood Athletic Club", doing trick shots and challenge matches for many movie rap parties, running celebrity tournaments, and charity events. "I was getting paid real well to go to these parties and have fun with celebrities!" Jan explained. They also sponsored her first year on the WPBA pro tour in 1993. During that year, she had 5th place finish to earn, not only her pro status, but touring Pro as well. She finished that year a top 16 ranked, seeded player.

She continued to excel, reaching a high ranking of 13. In 1995, she took some time off and married custom cuemaker Jerry McWorter, and gave birth to a son, Ryan Myles. She also has an older son, Jacob.

Jan has been in many commercials, two movies, and doubled for a number of movie stars, including Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie trailer of "Dangerous Minds". She's also worked on TV shows, talk shows, and does pool exhibitions.